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A true visionary, The Artist knows exactly how to say a hard thing in a simple way. And now? She’s opening the doors of her studio to you.

AKA The Artist

AKA The Artist

"This is GOLD. Holy sh*t I’m saving every one of these templates into my Emails right now. I now have the biggest brand crush on Wordfetti”

Watch your confidence skyrocket as you say bye-bye to your ever-growing collection of drafts and hello to a healthy ‘sent’ folder.

Spend less time and energy wondering what to say and more time practicing your craft.

Communicate clearly with your clients. No more looming question marks. No more confusion around project expectations.

With her to guide you, you’ll:

Knows how to perfectly balance the light and dark (and pull the positive out of the negative).

Has a Master’s in Communication.

Favourite board game is Masterpiece.

Will show up in a new season high fashion blazer and a thrifted pair of boots.

#1 Love Language: Acts of Service.

Writes poetry in her spare time.

Owns a label maker (and LOVES it).


With an unfaltering eye for the details, she knows when something is slightly off, and when it’s exquisitely balanced. 

Her superpower? She has a fine-tuned ability to communicate exactly what she means, with perfect clarity. From the art she creates, to how she introduces her exhibitions on opening night, to how she speaks with her community and her clients - thanks to her honed ability for connection, her audience, they just get it. 

She’s gentle, assertive, imaginative, and confident - all rolled into one. Get some studio time with her, and before you know it, you’ll be expressing yourself with masterful deliberacy too.

The Artist is a masterpiece in her own right. The perfectly composed blend of crystal clear communication, creativity, and how to artfully convey what you mean without the watermelon-to-the-head moment. 

Seeking to get out from under the mental overwhelm and spend less time wondering what to say and how to say it? The Artist will set you up with 33 email templates for you to copy, paste, save, and personalise. 

For service-based businesses, she’ll help you craft your emails into masterpieces (even the tricky ones).

She’s a big believer in the art of simplicity - so think of it as less like an exhaustive masterclass, and more like a colour-by-numbers.

33 plug and play email templates, ready for you to personalise.

What’s she got in her studio?

No, I can’t do a rush job
Because good work takes time.

No, I am fully booked
How to say you can’t take on their business right now.

No, I can’t work for free
How to say “no” to freebies without it getting awkward.

No, I can’t be available outside of my work hours (x 2)
How to let them know nicely you won't be able to talk, or work on the project during out-of-office hours.

No, this is out of scope
When they ask you to do more than your original project scope and you have to tame the scope creep.

How to say “no”

The proposal and consultation follow-up (x 2)
How to seal the deal.

The quote follow-up (x 2)
How to check-in after you’ve had nothing but crickets in response to your quote

The project timeline lay-out
How to set out project timelines from the get-go.

The constructive feedback request
How to ask for constructive feedback, because you want to make sure all your work is A+.

The first invoice (for clients who pre-pay)
How to shoot over your first invoice without the awkward.

The request for access
How to ask for the logins you need to carry out your service.

The praise appeal (x 2)
How to ask for that masterpiece testimonial.

The payment chase
How to remind them they’ve missed your invoice.

The basics

Templates that cover:

How to say a hard thing in the right way

I’m heading out of office (x 2)
Let your clients know you’re about to head away on holiday, without making them think they won’t be looked after.

I’m raising my prices
Letting your clients know you're about to raise your prices (without the freak out). 

Keeping them updated

When they say you’re too expensive (x 2)
How to respond respectfully when they say you’re too expensive.

When your visions don’t align (x 2)
How to say it kindly.

When they’ve gone MIA (x 2)
And you are still waiting for that response

When they’ve breached your agreement
How to tell them you’ll be terminating your agreement.

When you’ll be stopping work because you have not paid 
Letting them know you will be putting a halt on their work until you are paid.

When you need to break up with a client
Letting them go, in a respectful yet professional way.

When you need to tell them you made a mistake
How to own a mistake without causing drama.

When it's going to cost more than you planned 
When you need to update your initial quote.

When it’s going to take longer than you planned
When your original timeline won’t be met.

"This all sounds great! But I’m a product-based biz. 
Do you have any email templates for folks like me?"

"Do I ever! The Magician is the guy for you, 
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