You don't like to do normal, and you want to zig when others zag. But you have no idea how the heck to write engaging captions that aren't same-same without relying on 15,000 emojis.

You are ready to cut through that digital noise and create content that actually feels like you, and will pack your inbox with ka-chings notifications and dream client enquiries, and help you sell, minus the feels of being a sleezy car salesperson. 

You are a smart cookie. And you know that without words? Your Instagram post is simply an attention grab. But you’re overwhelmed as heck trying to come up with content ideas and you wonder how the heck people are batching a whole month’s worth of content  (#LOLWHAT)

You’ve got a love hate relationship with Instagram. You know your audience is on the gram’ but every time you’re about to write that caption, while you know what you want to say, you don’t know how to say it. And as a result? You end up hittin’ that backspace button. 

Having landed on this corner of the interwebs, there’s some things I already know about you...

creative biz owner.

business coach.

e-comm biz owner.

social media manager.

service-based wizard.

Hey there, 

So as a determined action-taker that you are?

You take action. You sign yourself up for all the freebies, courses, classes, to learn ALL. THE. THINGS. to upskill, and learn how you can create killer content on the gram...

But between you and me?

If we're honest...

And perhaps... You've watched a whole episode of The Bachelor, and you are STILL on that one caption.

90% of your opt-ins are gatherin' digital dust in your Inbox and you're still stuck in the same spot, in #OverwhelmCity. 

You have all of the info (ya know what I’m talking about - “create quality content!” “be consistent!”) but NONE of the practical steps or structure that is tailored to your biz;

You’re stuck with a bunch of "generic" templates on a Trello Board or a PDF that you have no idea how to adapt to your business; 

You’re stumbling around in the dark posting things with absolutely zero strategy, zero objective and zero engagement and connection.

Here's a truthbomb...

You're left with a million tabs open (on your browser and in your brain) . Because you still don’t know how to write captions that’ll strategically grow your audience, magnetise your dream clients and sell without feeling “salesy” -  in a way that FEELS like you.  

And at the end of the day?!

You need structure.

AKA a framework. And not "more information".

Because you're ready for somethin' that's geared for results.

A simple, repeatable framework (that'll help you tailor your own) that's been tried and tested the last 4-5 years. Designed to strategically and consistently grow your Instagram with qualified leads.

A framework that not only gives you clarity on WHAT to write and HOW to write it (so you never have to wonder how long or short it needs to be)

And a framework that will:

✅ drive brand awareness and turn your lurkers into loyal superfans;
✅ puts humans first, and tactics out the door by helpin' you build genuine human-to-human connection with your audience;
✅ help you generate a bank of content ideas that's actually tailored to YOUR brand;
✅ help you stand out like a heckin' pink flamingo by being authentically YOU; 
✅ give you back 3-4 hours back in your week.

‘Cause let’s be honest.
You know how it works. 

‘Cause let’s be honest.
You know how it works. 

You don’t need another course. Or another freebie teaching you how to use Instagram.

And rather than hoard this winning formula like it’s the last 6-pack of toilet paper #COVID - I'm openin' up the medicine cabinet and giving you the antidote into HOW you too can get epic results on the gram' through the words on your gram. 

Sell out our Mastermind program (resulting in a $100k+ launch) through again, only our Instagram captions, Instagram stories, and one email.

Sell out our Beta program (resulting in a $40k launch) through only 2 x Instagram captions, Instagram stories, and one email. 

turn the Wordfetti and Anita Siek Instagram account into a lead, nurture and sales machine that today generates over 70% of our leads. 

Over the last 4 years, we at Wordfetti have developed an Instagram content and caption formula that we know WORKS. How are we making this bold claim?

Because one, our clients tell us consistently how they saw their engagement and conversions catapult using our method. And two, because this is the exact framework we use and practice on our own business to:

Well? Your wish is our command.

The Caption Formula Workshop




Value: $700+
Today's price: just $67 (USD)


This works out to be approximately $90 AUD. Price is inclusive of GST for my Aussie folks. (Note, your purchase of a ticket is for one attendee only. You will unlock lifetime access to the replay if you watch within 30 days). All sales are final.

Turn those lurkers into clients through our proprietary formula  underpinned by consumer psychology created to help you magnetise your dream clients who see and believe in the value of what you do (and will happily pay you what you deserve to invest in it).


Walk away with a roadmap, a content plan and a Google Doc of content ideas that's ACTUALLY tailored to your brand to share with your audience, and a structure for how to say it in a way that doesn’t sound like everybody else. 

A bank of content ideas that's actually tailored to your brand

Learn the 5 pillars your captions must align with if you want to strategically and consistently build brand visibility, human-to-human connection with your audience, and drive conversions. Ka-ching! 


For the very first time, I am sharing and teaching you in this workshop, Wordfetti’s tried and tested content formula to help you turn followers into raving clients, through a science-backed approach that connect, wow’s, and sells. 


You didn’t think this was going to be another fluffy hands-off workshop, did you? Heck no. Get ready to bring the pen and note pad 'n' roll up your sleeves. Cause there's a reason we called this a "work" shop. Give us 90 minutes and together through a series of prompts, and powerful guiding questions, we'll fill out your workbook, and embark on mind-storming and activities. 


KAAA-CHING. Hear that? That’s the sound of all the $$$ you’ve saved on outsourcing costs. This resource brings you all my  brain juice for a fraction of what you’d pay to outsource the strategy, creation and management by me and my team.


Before conversion? Is connection. By sharing with you 5 x Instagram Caption Templates during our workshop, I'll help you grab attention, build connection and inspire your audience to take action, by being authentically YOU.

5 x instagram caption templates 

Grab my seat now!

Let's do this thing! 

TODAY's investment:

Value: $700

$67 USD

Your investment today:

“But Anita, I don’t have time to sit through yet another workshop/masterclass!”

Great. Cause this isn't just another workshop or masterclass.

I have strategically designed this workshop so you walk away with not just "more information" but HD clarity on what to write, but a go-to system, that you can come back to time and time again. 

Where you'll be equipped with a simple yet strategic system and structure (one WE have tried and tested on our own account and for our clients!) that we'll help you tailor to make your own, to know exactly what to write and share on your gram' and how to write it. Watch within 30 days and you'll unlock lifetime access to the replay!

Join us in the
Mini Workshop

Step 1

let's break it down

Let's break it down

Let's break it down

The 3-Part
Wordfetti Caption Formula Method

Geared for connection and conversion, you'll walk away with a bank of content ideas that's tailored to YOUR business. Bye-bye to feelin' lost for what to share and hello to writing posts that you know will magnetise your dream clients. Turn your gram' into a strategic and consistent lead, nurture and sales machine. 

More connection. More conversion.

Step 2

More hours back in your week. More ease. More time for yay's. With your own time-savin system and an easy to implement repurposing strategy, you'll be able to strategically turn 1 caption into 10 pieces of content. 


Turn 1 caption into 10 pieces of content

Step 3

Last but not least, we're all about being content smart here. So allow me to share with you how I can turn 1 piece of content into 10 pieces and repurpose it across multiple content platforms and channels. And how you can too in less than 1 hour a week. 

ENGINE aka time creator

Part 3

Next, we dive into a hands-on sleeves rolled up mind-storm of content ideas that's tailored to YOUR brand.  Here, I'll also share with you 5 x Instagram Caption Templates that align to our formula that you can take and post straight away.


part 2

First part of our class together? We're jumping right in with first unpacking what the heck you share and write as content by diving deep into Wordfetti's tried-and-tested Instagram Content Formula. This strategy in itself is what our clients used to pay us thousands for per month. 

AKA What to write

Part 1

Here is the break down of our 90 minute workshop

What people are saying about
The Caption Formula Workshop

Walk away knowing not only what to share on your gram,  but how to write it and strategically turn that 1 caption into 10 pieces of content.

Get access to the Workshop instantly!

That? Is less than:

The cost of your Friday night UberEats order. 

Your 2020 hand sanitizer investment.

The cost of more hours spent on backspacing and writing that caption that never gets posted.

For one time payment of:
USD $67

Wordfetti's Instagram 9-Grid Content Formula, aka our proprietary system, so you know EXACTLY what to write and share (Value: $62)

Mind-storm of a bank of content ideas that's tailored to you and YOUR brand (Value: $87)

Repurposing System: a behind the scenes book into how you can save hours too, and turn 1 caption into 10 other pieces of content (Value $197)

The Caption Formula Workshop (and life-time access to the replay if you watch within 30 days) (Value: $297)

5 x Instagram Caption Templates that align to our formula will be shared for you to copy, paste, fill-in-the-blanks. (Value: $47)

A 20 page + workbook - that we will complete together in the workshop so you walk away with your brand's Insta game plan  (Value $97)

Silika Boxer of Social Butterfly

"This workshop is value laden, choccy block full of non google-able, easy to understand, creator of *so* many 'a-haa' moments.  Anita takes you step by step through the process of writing captions for your brand in a way that is very easy to translate to your own business.  This workshop helps to transform the captions you write to have purpose and meaning to your intended audience! And the best thing? It's lifetime access. I have returned to the course slides and notes time after time!" 

Jungle Boogie Gifts 

"My fav part of the workshop was the pillar prompt brainstorming. I've seen and heard experts talk about their pillars but I've struggled to get ideas for them. To come away with 3 pages of ideas from that quick session was so valuable." 

Rachael Bonetti

"Although I'm doing your signature course WYW, this workshop was still so valuable. So many nuggets that came to me when you were doing the content prompts. I just wanted to let you know, thank you Anita!"

Amy Michelle

"After implementing some things, my engagement is SKY HIGH. Like 3 x more engaged. This is HUGE. All hail Queen Anita!"

kind words

“I want to write a caption that is catchy, wow's and will keep my audience wanting to learn more!"

“I don't want to sound same-same as everyone else, I want to stand out!"

"When I have that ZING motivation ideas are flowing, when I don't, nothin'" 

"How do I sell, without sounding salesy?" 

The most common DMs. Emails. And voice notes I get from extraordinary humans like you include:

Lawyer turned Copywriter, Brand Strategist and Soy Mocha Aficionado 

With a background in psychology, and a big love for the emotion and idea-triggering power of language and linguistics, I help online biz owners, like you, catapult their biz into the stand out success-o-sphere through the power of words. 

Over the last 4 years I've built national and global brands, as well as my business Wordfetti purely through the power of words.

In fact, for the first 3 years of our business? We spent $0 on ads. And $250 on a website.

The platform that has attributed to over 70% of our leads?  Instagram.

Hi, I’m Anita.

So instead of holding onto it, I am enveloping everything we practice for our own brand as well as our client's brands and have leaned on as boutique copywriting agency, and giving it ALL to you. 

This isn't a workshop about Instagram. 
This isn't a workshop to give you more information and no practical takeaways. 
This isn't a workshop that is so generic that it doesn't take into consideration your brand.

This is a workshop that will completely change the way you see your content and copywriting game.

I'm in! Sign up to the Workshop here

Because when you know what to say, how to say it, and how to strategically repurpose content?

Ease. Consistency. Results. 

Know it no longer has to be hard, overwhelming or cost you a lotta $$$.

So if you’re ready to strategically grow your audience, 

There’s no catch. No hidden agenda. No strings attached. I created this pre-recorded Workshop simply because I know one of the biggest pain points you have are words. And I want to equip you with a simple yet strategic structure (that can be tailored to your brand) to not only know exactly what to say to your audience but HOW to come up with content ideas to amplify your message.

What I'm sharing with you isn't simply what I've learnt, but it's what we have practiced over the last 4 years  and have also successfully seen results in for our clients. 

$67? What’s the catch, Anita?

What do I actually get? 


Instant access into The Caption Formula Workshop! This is a 90 minutes pre-recorded sleeves-rolled-up workshop (and lifetime access to it, if you watch within 30 days!) between you and Wordfetti's founder, Anita Siek. You will also have a 20+ page Caption Formula Workbook that you would have completely filled up by the end of session, so you can walk away with a game plan and be able to come back to and refer to time and time again.

You will be equipped with Wordfetti proprietary 5 pillar content formula and Instagram caption strategy. And Anita will personally be walking you through on how you can make it your own, a bank of content ideas as well as copywriting strategies to write captions that not only increase your visibility to your ideal audience, but one that is geared to convert. 

This workshop is broken into 3 parts: What to say, Content mindstorm session where in 15 minutes we'll ideate months worth of content together, and How to get the most mileage out of one piece of content (AKA how you can strategically turn 1 caption into 10 other content pieces). 

How is this different to other IG and caption related courses or classes? 

Great question! Firstly? This won’t be one of those workshops where you sit back, take a couple notes, and shove them in your digital drawer. Nuh-uh. (There's a reason why we called it a "workshop" ;)) 

In this workshop, we will be working together to fill out your workbook so that you walk away with a go-to next time you're brainstorming what the heck to write on Instagram. I’ll also walk you through my brainstorming process so you’ll leave with a whole heap of content ideas you can implement straight away. (Note: bring lots of paper)

But most importantly? The framework I’m teaching is designed to give you a system you can adapt to your voice and your business. You won’t just know WHAT to say, but HOW to say it in a way that’ll create loyal advocates for your brand and ultimately create more ka- ching! (All, while being authentically you.)

Will I actually walk away with tailored content ideas to my brand?

Yep. Right after Part 1 of the workshop, where Anita first goes through the formula and strategy, she has developed an experience where through a series of prompting questions - you'll be embarking on a fast thinking content ideation mindstorm in the workshop. 

In the past, our attendees have mentioned they've walked away with 2-3 pages of content ideas and within the 20 minute exercise within the workshop, over 3 months worth of content ideas. 

Does the framework you teach apply to other content channels?

Ya huh. The Wordfetti content formula covered in this workshop is repeatable across a myriad of content channels such as email marketing, LinkedIn, Facebook etc.

However the session itself will be niched to Instagram content in particular. 

Who is this workshop for?

Online businesses whose audiences use and hang out on Instagram. Whether you're a business coach, fellow creative, copywriter, designer, e-commerce biz owner or a content writer working as part of a brand, if you know your audience hangs out on Instagram? This workshop is created FOR you. 

I am in your signature course, Wordfetti Your Words, is this covered in there?

Nope. It has a completely different focus.

The Caption Formula Workshop (TCFW) focuses on purely content, and in particular Instagram content. It's about knowing what to share to increase visibility, amplify your magic, and cultivate connection with your ideal audience. Whereas Wordfetti Your Words (WYW) is about helping you craft the DNA of your brand through words (e.g. your mission, content and customer journey, understanding the emotions, psychology and drivers of your audience) and by helping you uncover your unique sauce.

In a way, the two actually go hand-in-hand in a tango. WYW is suitable for those who are ready to cement their brand DNA and uncover their stand out factor. TCFW is suitable for those who are ready to consistently and strategically grow an engaged and organic audience, and level up in their visibility.