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NB: Anita and Teamfetti only take on a limited amount of clients at any one time, and we are currently gratefully booked.

At current, the only way to work with Anita and Teamfetti is through our Wordfetti program(s), Wordshop or via booking in a 1:1 VIP Strategy Day with Anita here.

Whether it be unpacking your Brand’s DNA through our signature framework, or the sprinkle of Wordfetti copy magic, Anita and Teamfetti would la-la-love to explore what custom magic we can make. We’re all ears. Well. Two ears. 






Your antidote to what-the-heck-do-I-write-for-my-captions has officially confetti landed. Say bye-bye to the writer’s block and adios to not knowing what to say and how to say it to magnetise your dream clients. In this 3-part 90 minute workshop hosted by our founder Anita, learn what to write, dive into a 15 min fast-thinking exercise to generate a bank of content ideas and learn how you can turn 1 caption into 10 pieces of content that not only connect but convert. 

The Caption Formula Workshop

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Doors for WYW are currently CLOSED until April 2024.

If we were Hermes, this would be our Birkin Bag.
WYW is our signature copywriting program. It teaches you our 7-step framework to zig when others zag through the power of psychology, human-centred design and words, so you can think, write, and convert like a copywriter (even if you feel like you’re a non-writer!) 

signature program

Wordfetti Your Words




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A 360 degree elevation in your Business, Brand and Life, this is one of the most intimate ways to work together with our founder Anita. The Fetti Mastermind is currently full and will reopen at the beginning of 2024.
Ready to confetti cannon your year?

A high touch 12-month experience and intimate container for advanced service-based business owners. 


The Fetti Mastermind by Anita 


To the Wordshop!


Your go-to copywriting template shop for the A-Z of your business needs. Emails. Formulas. Potions, cheat sheets and plans of world domination to hit your copy game outta the park.

Time saving tools and high performing
copywriting and business templates.


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You bring the audience, she’ll bring the party (in the form of copy, content, brand and marketing gold). Totally joking about the wedding. But not really. She's a heckin' hopeless romantic and will probably end up being your grandparent's bestie by the end of the night.

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the podcast

Want to fold Anita up and put her in your pocket? Tune in to Anita’s weekly fun-sized podcast Brandfetti, where she throws down wisdom gems in yours ears on all things copy, content, psychology, brand and marketing. 



The Wordfetti Club

Monthly live calls with Anita (and sometimes, leading guest experts), monthly co-working sessions with club members (so you have dedicated focus time to write and ideate), monthly content calendar plans, prompts and email templates, 
our proprietary content system (so you know what to share in your marketing to connect and convert) in 90 minutes and an incredible like-minded community (to grow your network, get feedback and support you in growing your visibility and your business).

The Wordfetti Club is the go-to membership for business owners ready to master their content marketing game, rise above the digi-noise, and supercharge their business growth.

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