Our Fav Tools of Trade

We get so many questions about our favourite tools, resources, and go-to programs to help us do what we do so we decided to make a heckin' page about it.

Note: We only recommend tools we love and use every heckin’ day. But in the interests of being more transparent than a glass house? We may receive a commission when you sign up using the links below to tools that we love.


Ahh Kajabi. We wouldn't be able to run our digital courses and programs without this unicorn of a program. Kajabi hosts all of our digital programs, including our signature program Wordfetti Your Words, and Captionfetti. 



Our snazzy payment gateway. This is set up to sing with ActiveCampaign (our CRM) as well as our Stripe account to make payments on our Wordshop, and all our online digital programs seamlessly and easily. 



Ever watched a Wordfetti masterclass or workshop? You’ve already met Demio then! The *chefs kiss* of video hosting platforms.



The workflow management tool of your fetti dreams. Team Wordfetti use ClickUp on the daily to manage our workflow, scheduling and communication. It’s heckin’ legendary at keeping us all on track, accountable and in sync.



Love to showcase your work and have a website thats functional and aesthetic? Hello! It’s Showit. The Haus of Wordfetti is built in Showit and we think it’s the creme de la creme of web platforms.



Only the best graphic design tool since sliced bread. The tool to create stunning graphics, logos, brochure heck, even party invitations. We use Canva on the daily at Wordfetti HQ.


Need a systems and automations wingwoman? Yeah you do! Kiah is the bees knees when it comes to getting all the things ready for smooth and efficient sailing.

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