Warning: I, along with my team, do sometimes communicate in GIFs.

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If you don't hear back from me in 48 hours please email [email protected] 

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Yes I will communicate to you in GIFs. Yes I do laugh at my jokes. And yes I may or may not send you confetti bombs #sorrynotsorry. More fun is the biggest reason I started my brand Wordfetti, and it underpins everything I do as a consultant, as a speaker, as a mentor, and as your strategist. 

Those ready to have some fun

And this is just me being straight shootin' with you. Whether it be a 1:1 strategy session, my high-touch Fetti Mastermind or us partnering together ongoing through mentoring, I forward look. My top strengths are Strategic, achieving, futuristic, ideation, and empathy. And this underpins everything I do. I'm all about longevity over the quick "hacks" and the fast "wins".

You respect and appreciate that building a standout brand isn't an overnight thing

I’m not going to lie, whether we are working together 1:1 with me as your strategist or as your mentor, there is an 11/10 chance that we will go deep. It’s not cause I’m nosy. It’s because for me to best support you in your journey, I have to know where we're ultimately wanting to go, and to do that, I have to literally be an extension of your brain. 

You are willing to go deep

The following phrases? get you excited: “zig when others zag”, "I don't want to do it the traditional way", “flip it 360 on its head”, “do something completely different”, and “let’s have some fun with this”. Cause you too believe that life is too short to start a business or a brand that blends in.

You don't want to do normal

Here is my E-Harmony profile so you can see if you want to swipe left or right (LOL can you tell I missed the online dating train)?

Wanna partner together 1:1?


So glad you asked! I’m all about making the curriculum even BETTER each year. So with that, I’ve currently got my head down and am in the process of refining our curriculum based on feedback from past alumni. So long as there ain’t no Corona Trojan-style virus hittin’ the interwebs, I’ve got us reopening doors in May 2021. 

Hey! When are you opening doors again for Wordfetti Your Words? 

Fear not. I got chu. Email my e-cape wearing team at [email protected], and we’ll get onto that for ya pronto!

I have access issues to one of your product(s) or program(s). #HELP! 

I’m heckin’ humbled you thought of me! However, as I am respectful of your value and your time, I ask that you are respectful of mine as well. 

For further info on how we can work together and me and my program’s rates, please click here, or shoot me and my team an email if it is a custom offering (e.g. Keynote Presso) and we’ll send through a Proposal. 

Hey Anita, can you [insert one of my offerings] in exchange for exposure? 

Only for those who invest in a Brand DNA (Brand Strategy) with me and Teamfetti. In saying this though, just a quick heads up, I do only take on an extremely limited number of clients each year for done-for-you projects. And at current, I am humbly booked until the end of 2021 as I have gratefully reached that number. In saying that though, there are 2 other ways we could work together: 1) my signature online program (where I spend the BULK of my time!): Wordfetti Your Words where I share with you our framework and teach you how to think, write and convert like a copywriter (even if you're a non-writer) or 2) 1:1 Strategy Sesh - I do open an extremely limited number of spots each month for either a strategy sesh or a VIP Strategy Day. This at current is the only way for you to skip the waitlist! 

Do you still write copy?


sealed, packed with surprise confetti, and delivered straight to your inbox. 

your copy game, signed, 





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