If someone asked you what you do for a living, would you:

Freeze up, get a case of the wobbles, or scramble to change the subject 
(AKA leave the DM on read until you can figure it out)?


Confidently bust out an effortless answer about the value of what you offer


If the answer’s B, then read on, my friend.

Because the ability to communicate your secret sauce in language that feels 100% true to you anytime you want?

Is closer than you think.

What people are saying about
Wordfetti Your Words

If only you could just find the right words to say that!!

If only you could just find the right words to say that!!

Sure, when friends and family ask about your business, you can sorta string an answer together…

But when it comes to marketing your biz to paying customers? 

You clam up faster than Ariel with her human legs.

You’ve got a growing biz that’s gaining traction. 

You’ve got the skills, experience, and street cred to prove it.  

And you’re brimming with ideas, offers, and insights that have the power to transform people’s lives.

You’re good at what you do

Spend 3+ hours umming and aaahing just to come up with one original email or worse ― NOTHING to show for it.

Check out your competitors’ websites for inspo only to get struck down by FOMO instead.

Second guess if your writing is good enough to cut through the digi noise (“Is it too much? Just right? Not enough?”).

Type, smash the backspace, and type again because the words don’t feel right.

Get paralysed by the blinking cursor because you don’t know how to attract your ideal audience.

Because no matter how many times you’ve attempted to write your own copy or define your brand, you still…






Outsourcing to someone else ― Only to end up in a frustrating circle of edits, rewrites, and revisions because neither you (or your copywriter) are clear on what you do.

Splashing money on more social media courses and visual branding ― And still not getting sales because you can’t communicate your point of difference.

Using tools like ChatGPT ― Which gets the job sorta done, but the copy is uninspiring, feels ick, and doesn’t sound like YOU.

Then your thoughts start wandering...

“Maybe it’s me?”

“Maybe, I’m just not a good writer.”

So you try...

And every passing day that you struggle to talk about your business, is another day you’re:

Not showing up as your full self.

Riding the rocky revenue rollercoaster, struggling to bring in qualified leads.

Feeling like the Wish.com version of someone else’s brand.
On a treadmill, constantly chasing for that next sale instead of having it effortlessly flow.

With a website and social media presence that always feels meh and half-done.

And after all that time and money spent, you still find yourself in the same place…

Not being visible to your audience.

And not helping the people who need your solution the most.

carmen b of jollygood

Anita!! 12 months ago I was working at launching my business, 3 days ago I did it! It launched! The universe was on my side and I received an order for 90 gift boxes the day BEFORE I had even launched. So I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have had WYW by my side for the last 12 months and how I can watch the same recording I did 6 months ago and still get something new out of it because I am at a different place.

"I received an order for 90 gift boxes the day before I launched!"

word on the street

But before you call it quits, you should know…

You don’t have to dread the writing process.

When you have the right frameworks and understanding of human psychology ― 

✅ Knowing exactly what words will connect with your audience…
✅ Finding your unique voice and message…
✅ Standing in the spotlight…
✅ And winning hearts and driving sales….

Is easier (and dare we say, more fun!) than you think!

And if you, yourself, can't communicate why WHAT you do and HOW you do it is different from your competitors?

Not even red wine (or AI)
will help it flow.

In business, the BEST communicator wins.

In business, the BEST communicator wins.

Here's a truthbomb...

Hey, hey! I'm Anita, lawyer turned copy and brand strategist who also has a Psychology and Linguistics degree under my belt.

In 1 year?

I built my side-gig Wordfetti from knowing NO ONE in the industry to a waitlisted studio and digital learning hub with a $250 DIY’d website and little to ZERO ad spend until my 3rd year.

But who are you?

Because the ability to communicate is the ability to sell

That? Is not a coincidence.

Through the power of words and psychology, I’ve been able to:

  • Double Wordfetti’s growth each year (yep, even in the pandemic)
  • Sell-out our digital offers including my high-touch Mastermind 3 years in a row
  • Turn our launches around by simply tweaking the messaging and emails in our launch (yep, even during a "recession")

And over the last 6 years, we’ve been able to help our clients who run multi-6,7, 8 figure businesses EXPLODE their growth and see results like:

  • Generating $150k in sales and bookings from ONE email for a hospitality client
  • Tripling the revenue (x3) of a product based business through a series of email campaigns
  • Clients being able to finally charge what they’re truly worth (which in turn allows for them to work less!) because they can communicate their value

How, you ask?

No matter what shiny object, trend, or platform popped up (and there’s been a heckuva lot) ―

My ability to translate ideas into tangible words and turn these words into sales through psychology is THE secret weapon that’s given me the edge in the digital world

(And soon, it’ll be your secret weapon too 😉)

When you can translate your visionary ideas into words that strike a chord with your audience…

You can:

Jump online, get a cash injection and sell anytime without the ick 

Win hearts & wallets because your customers finally understand what you do

Charge higher prices because you can communicate your value 

Strategically brief contractors or team members with ease because you know exactly what sets your brand apart and how to communicate that

Become the go-to brand in your industry instead of “one of many”

You won’t miss out on valuable sales waiting for your copywriter to write for you ― You can whip up an email, hit send straight away, and start making $$$ before lunch. 

You won’t live or die by one specific platform ― Because the ability to communicate outlasts and transcends any trend or shiny object. (Reels, TikToks, Tweets? They all depend on words.)

You won’t be scared of being a copycat ― Because when you can find your voice and articulate your personality? You’ll be so uncopyable, not even AI can replicate you.

THAT’s the power of knowing how to write.

And it’s why copywriting is the ONE skill that has no expiry date and will serve you no matter where you are in business.

But first, let’s address the virtual elephant in the room…

AI tools like ChatGPT can be an incredible tool in your content creation toolkit…

But only if you know how to use it properly.

Because real talk? AI is only as good as what you put into the chat box. 

And it can’t tell the difference between you and any other biz owner in your industry unless YOU tell it what makes you special. 

(Which means, you’ll end up with the same generic messaging as everyone else).

But when you’re able to laser in on your stand-out messaging, develop a unique voice, and communicate WHAT your brand is and WHY you’re different?

You’ll stand head and shoulders above everyone else who’s depending solely on AI.

To equip you with the fundamental skills to translate your ideas into words, and communicate clearer and better with your audience so you can zig when others zag, improve your visibility, and make more sales.

So my mission?

“What about AI?”

Imagine... x8, x9, x10 your ROI in less than 12 weeks.

— Ashley, launch copywriter

When I first started my copywriting journey, someone recommended I follow Wordfetti on Insta, and I'm so thrilled I did! Once I saw the Wordfetti Your Words program, I knew I *had* to join. My clients pay me a lot of money to build their brand and market their business, so I wanted to upskill as much as possible so I could deliver killer results. And yes, WYW most definitely delivered.

Unlike other copy programs that just walk you through the basics (snore), Anita teaches you how to go wayyy deep into the customer's mind so you create copy that resonates - every single time.

Her insights in WYW on design-thinking also taught me how to build brands that would stand out and last. I've now been able to make my clients happy, make myself happy, (thanks to the incredible ROI through investing in WYW!), and make the world a happier place all because of dang good copy. Next time WYW opens, do your business a favour and get on it.

"My clients pay me a lot of money to market their business, so I wanted to upskill to deliver the best results. WYW? most definitely delivered. (Thanks to the incredible ROI!)"




— Madison, Content Marketing Freelancer

4 months ago, I signed up for what I thought was just going to be a copywriting workshop, and it ended up being one of the best things I've done for myself in a long time. And definitely, the BEST thing I've done for my business to date. One of the main reasons why I even joined Wordfetti Your words was because I had just recently started freelancing full time. And it was constantly ping pong between feeling really confident about my skills. Through WYW I feel like I've squashed imposter syndrome and have got the biggest confidence boost.

In fact, since WYW I signed on my biggest retainer client to date. And I really don't think that I would have had the confidence to do that without going through this program. And it's setting up an amazing trajectory for me to see even more growth really, really soon.

I literally signed up to WYW on the spot while doing a free webinar with Anita because I loved her energy so much. I saw the kind of people that she was attracting, and I was like, I want to be in that group. I want to feel that energy. And being in a group going through these processes together and growing together and cheering each other on has been incredible.

One of the coolest parts is that even though I'm done with a 12 week programme, I'm still in that community. You can go on to future calls and redo the programme again, as I'm establishing myself in my business. So I'm really excited to keep growing myself in this community and continue having that accountability and that support to fall back on!

"I signed on my BIGGEST retainer to date! x8 my ROI in 12 weeks."

"I got a 9x return on my investment ($19.8K!) in WYW!"

— Stacey, Facebook Ads Strategist

I used to struggle to find the right words for my website, emails to my database and captions for social media posts. I had paralysis by analysis and my stance was to do nothing.

Doing WYW has given me the confidence to just have a go with my writing and see where it lands! I loved attending the live calls and the workbook (it's a work of art!).I had many aha moments and clear action steps following the live calls.

The day I had a zoom call, the potential client started reading lines from my website and saying 'this is me'! They signed up on the call and are still a retainer client 4 months on. They are so happy with their results and want to work with me for at least 12 months. That one perfect customer has meant a 9x return on my investment in WYW.

I would recommend WYW to all online course creators as it's an investment in how you can refine your messaging and your ability to attract your perfect customer. It's not something that can be outsourced.

If you're on the fence, jump off it and jump into Wordfetti Your Words. If you turn up to the live calls, and do the work, you'll make a huge return on your investment.

"NO MORE SECOND GUESSING! Having my very own well-defined and CLEAR AF messaging was the best gift to me (and my business)."

— Ingrid, Brand & Web Designer

As a brand designer I do messaging for my clients as part of the brand strategy phase and it felt so off that I was second-guessing my own. That was a big nope that kept me always "changing and testing", it was exhausting. I was so tired of feeling "meh"/"this will have to do". I love learning so I wanted to find something that truly felt tangible, not more theory, but action-focused change. And I did find that in WYW.

Within 2 weeks of finishing my Brand DNA, I booked 2 back-to-back dreamy projects (worth $17K+!). X9 my ROI literally in 2 weeks.

Now I have so much CLARITY. I can finally stop changing things over and over and over... And I have CONFIDENCE! To the point that I stopped feeling like an awkward duck and embraced more of my brand. That was the greatest win, that confidence that I KNOW how to finally show the benefits over the features with a true framework to always know how to refine it.

Having my very own well-defined and CLEAR AF messaging was the best gift to me (and my business). And the response to that has been so good. Literal DMs from people noticing. I attribute that to the clarity in my messaging :) Also, the time saved!!! I love going back to the workbook as a reminder to myself and I don't waste time agonizing over "how to explain this thing I do from a benefits point?"

Plus, having a safe space with such cheerleaders like Anita and Tran in the community, it's so good for an introvert like me.

WYW more than a copywriting course, this is actionable learning, a system and framework to clarify your message in a simple way that just works.

— emily, founder and hr strategist 

I found Wordfetti on instagram and I signed up for their flagship course "Wordfetti your words" as I needed help copywriting for our new website. Anita Siek is an absolute gun, the course was amazeballs.

Exceeding my expectations in so many ways. The way Anita teaches you how to write killer copy is next level. Not only does she make it fun, interesting and easy to apply. All of her strategies and tools actually work. I could not recommend this course and Anita enough. If you are feeling stuck and need to up-level your copy to drive sales then this is the course for you!

Thank you so much Anita, I am so excited to watch the leads roll in after implementing all I have learnt!

My new copywriting and branding has transformed our website into a lead magnet machine!

"From 6 leads a month to 64 leads a month in 3 months! Our new copy has transformed our website into a lead magnet machine!" 

A brand that doesn’t do normal. You’re ready to do the work. To show up. And you are so ready for the hard work and results to pay off.

Juggling a million things at once, and are READY to spend LESS time in overwhelm and MORE time in strategic areas of your biz to drive the best results.

Finding yourself feeling frozen when speaking about your brand, and you're ready to 
win hearts, become the go-to in your industry, and make MORE SALES with your words and marketing.

Keen to replace stress, uncertainty, and content paralysis with the magical sounds of PayPal, Stripe and $$$ notifications.

Ready to LOVE your brand again, and for 2023 to be a game-changing year of more (dream) clients, more intentional growth, and a mega uplevel in your revenue and profit.

And you? You are...

Seeing all the heart eyes?

Then I'd love to officially invite you to join…




Simple tried-and-tested psychology-backed frameworks to help you think and write like a conversion copywriter.

Our methodology blends consumer behaviour, sales psychology, and design thinking so that every single piece of copy you write? Drives results.  

This is the exact step-by-step system we’ve used to help hundreds of small business and global brands stand out and sell through their WORDS ― all packaged up in a way that’s fun and simple to learn.

It gives you:

WYW is MORE than a copywriting course, program, or membership

A trifecta online experience that will get you outta your head and writing copy that gets devoured by your audience, spreads your message like wildfire, and sells your offers like hotcakes…

LIVE Group Mentoring and Feedback Calls

A call every week for 12 weeks so you can smash through the roadblocks and mindset gremlins that are keeping you stuck in one place. You’ll get personalised solutions from my team and I to help you implement what you’re learning and get your message out into the world ― because THAT is where the real impact is made.

Even better? As a student, you can join ALL future live bonus calls so you can get feedback and help no matter what stage you are in business. 

Tight-Knit Community

You were never meant to do this biz thing alone, and now you won’t have to! This intimate space filled with other inspiring entrepreneurs is for you to celebrate your wins, ask for support, and lean on your fetti-friends.

To help you smash through your limiting beliefs, get crystal clear on your stand-out messaging, and understand your customer’s journey from inception through to sales…

The goal?

So you’ll never be at loss for words again!

kind words

Imagine the feelin' of kicking imposter syndrome and perfectionism to the curb...

— Zoe, Kajabi web site design and launch strategist

As a Kajabi web site design and launch strategist, I joined WYW to become more confident in my messaging and writing. I wasn't clear on who I was speaking to, what I should be saying or how to connect with my audience to then convert sales. I wanted to make the content creation and copywriting more easeful!

After WYW, I am more consistent with my content because I am now more confident in what I am saying and who I am speaking to. I can create my content for the week in less than an hour. I have changed my offers to make sure I am really helping clients with a tangible problem after working through the first 3 phases of the course. I have rewritten my entire website to make it speak to my ideal client. I launched my membership and thanks to the feedback I got on my ads and opt-in pages my cost per lead (CPL) HALVED from my last launch.

I can sit down and write an opt in page or sales page easily because I have confidence and clarity around my message!

From the moment I signed up I was completely blown away with the level of support, the surprise bonuses and the genuine level of care that Anita and the Wordfetti Team delivered. The real time support on the calls was worth the investment hands down! This course has been the best investment I have made in my business. The support, the genuine level of care, the in-depth curriculum have all helped me to reshape my business and show up with confidence to better support my clients. Not only has it helped me to better my own copy but I feel more confident in guiding my clients with writing their copy for their websites and sales pages thanks to everything I have learnt in WYW.

I would seriously recommend WYW to all my clients and I often send people to check out Wordfetti.

"This course has been the best investment I have made in my business!"




— Miki, Nurse and online business educator

I've had an idea of starting a coaching business but I was scared it would be a waste of my time, so I've held off the idea for a long time and decided to stick with what I do well, which is my clinical work. Then I saw my friend raving about how her new business is overgrowing because she joined WYW, and it caught my attention. 

Initially, I planned to start my new business after I finish all WYW lessons, but in the middle of the program, I became too excited, so, I started to build a new website and my courses. Within 1 month after I launched my first mini online course, I made more than $1100!! (and that's just the beginning). Not only that, I have got clarity on my vision of my business and confidence in my business skills...and most of all amazing connections with these top-notch business legends all over the world who were a part of WYW. The inspiration and encouragement I receive from them are incredible! Seeing them thriving truly inspires me and makes me believe that I can succeed also!

If you're on the fence, know this: You'll get more than what you think you'll get. It will be a life-changing experience!

"You'll get more than what you think you'll get. WYW is a life-changing experience!"

— Jacqui, Founder of Salvida

I joined WYW right at the start of my new venture, 'Salvida.' I was on a quest to carve out a distinctive voice for Salvida. Although I considered myself a competent writer for longer pieces, social media captions were my Achilles' heel. That's when I had a hunch that WYW could be the key to breaking down these barriers, transforming the tasks I dreaded into something enjoyable and effortless!

WYW, without a doubt, activated a "word tap" in my mind. The phases, calls, and masterclasses ignited a creative spark. Now, words flow effortlessly, and I'm constantly generating new strategies to ensure Salvida is a 'blue ocean' baby. The comprehensive Brand DNA I developed through the course has streamlined my business establishment process. For instance, when I handed it to my graphic designer, she nailed the brand assets like the logo and type fonts on the first try, saving both time and money with no need for revisions!

WYW is the not-so-secret 'game-changer.' It unravels the psychology and strategy of communication, bringing clarity and focus to everything you do.

Honestly, I'd say WYW is a must for everyone. I figured WYW might just help me fine-tune a few things I was struggling with. Well, let me tell you, WYW went above and beyond. It didn't just fine-tune; it turned my whole approach to my business on its head. It pointed out a few bumps in the road from the past, too. My only regret? Not taking this course earlier. Seriously, WYW is a game-changer for anyone, no matter where you're coming from or what you've done before.

"My only regret? Not taking this course earlier."

— Vanessa, Holistic baby reflux consultant and VA

I joined Wordfetti Your Words in 2022, a year ago, because I really needed help with everything from writing content, writing emails, and mainly learning how to connect with my audience better. Back then I really wanted WYW to also help me launch and kickstart my virtual assistant career.

A year on, and now? I'm just so much more confident, so much more at ease with knowing what to say and how to say it, and how to connect with my audience. And I have a whole bunch of content that I have written during all of the exercises from word video words that I can just jump back into, and create something really quickly when I'm out of ideas or out of inspiration.

Not only that, I am now a fully booked out virtual assistant and continuing to help my reflux clients. I have also had a significant increase in sales and my online products and my reflux business. It's been an incredible year and I seriously have WYW to thank for that.

I've stayed in touch with all the Wordfetti staff and the community that they provide on the Facebook group never ends. So it feels like I really made lifelong friends and just an incredible bunch of people that make you feel like you're part of a really special family.

If you're on the fence, just jump in. Honestly. You will have no regrets whatsoever. It was the best business decision I've made in my life, the connections that I've made, the clients that I have found all through during Wordfetti Your Words, honestly, it'll be the best decision for your business. 

"I am now fully booked out! WYW has been the BEST decision of my life!"

— maria, exercise physiologist + women's wellness coach

Wordfetti Your Words offers so much more than I initially expected. When I signed up, the content sounded incredible but there is also so much value in the collaboration and sharing within the WYW community. Anita facilitated all of the bonus calls, activities and challenges. They were always so much fun and such a unique experience to be able to give and receive supportive feedback from fellow WYW members, as well as from Anita.

As a holistic health and wellness practitioner, I understand the importance of knowing and speaking to my audience from a human-centred approach and that’s exactly what attracted me to WYW, it helped deepen my understanding even further!

It has been one of the greatest investments I’ve made for my business and I would definitely recommend it for any business owner who wants to tap into new insights and build their business with a heightened understanding of their ideal audience and how to get your unique message out there in an authentic way.

"It has been one of the greatest investments I’ve made for my business!"

Here's what we're diving into in WYW:

Let's break it down

Truthbomb. Secret #1 to writing copy that sells? It's never JUST the product or the service you offer. But how do you identify the real VALUE of what you sell? In our first phase, we get straight into business by helping you get HD clarity on exactly what it is that you're selling. We uncover gaps, identify potential roadblocks so we can bid them adieu and explore exactly how you're going to get from A to B (where you ultimately want to be).

Getting HD clarity 


View the outcomes from Phase 1




The "stand out" biz mindset

Complete a Business X-Ray

Articulate your audience’s deepest desire (what they're actually buying)

Choose one offer (product or service) and write up to 20 “liners” that speak to your audience’s deepest desire

The Psychology of Words

Next? We dive into the psychology of words and the intersection of that with sales and consumer purchasing decisions. In this phase, you'll uncover the psychological triggers for your audience and learn how you can leverage the relationship between words, human memory and emotions to drive eyeballs (the right ones), heart to heart connection, and MORE SALES. (and have them come back for MORE) Prepare to have your mind ba-ba-blown in this phase because you may very well never ever see marketing, copy, content, and branding the same again.


View the outcomes from Phase 2

Complete your see/feel/know/read test

Identify your audience’s psychological emotions

How to write to different consumer needs

Identify your Power Words + Sensory Words

Writing a piece of content using storytelling or an analogy

To get to your audience's hearts, you've got to get into their minds. This ain't no traditional let’s-put-your-persona-together activity. Na da. From customer insight challenges, to exploring design-thinking (a creative problem solving method used by Airbnb and Uber), to helping you identify the EXACT words to use to connect to your audience and sell... you’ll walk away not only with a clear understanding of who your client is, but HOW you can leverage this to write copy that will connect better than at-home wifi AND have them openin' up their wallets to hit that "buy now" button.

Uncovering what makes your audience tick


View the outcomes from Phase 3

The 3 different types of audience (that you must ensure you write to and speak to)

Start a Word Bank

Create your Customer Empathy Map

Create your Messaging Matrix

Data mine your audience

Get client testimonials

If you know what to say but you don't know HOW to say it, chances are, you don't know your voice or your message. So in this phase, we craft the DNA of your brand: mission, vision, brand values, voice and positioning.

You’ll walk out of this phase knowing who you are, what you do, and what your brand stands for. And best of all? You’ll also have your Brand DNA completed, to handover to a VA, designer, copywriter, social media manager or team member so each time you outsource? It's consistent. 

Your Brand


View the outcomes from Phase 4

Your Vision and Mission

Brand Values

Brand Positioning

Brand Personality

404 Page Test

Elevator Pitch

Let's be honest. There's a lotta digi noise out there. And although it once used to be all about creating something that "stops the scroll", attention means zilch if it doesn't translate into sales. So in this phase we dive into exploring your content eco-system and not be absorbed into the content creation black hole and feel overwhelmed.

By the end of this phase? You'll know how to create content that not only grabs attention and increases visibility, but will also nurtures, establish trust and connection, and translate this into kachings and sales. 

Content that creates wild demand


View the outcomes from Phase 5

Content Marketing Ecosystem

Ideate on a Lead Gen to build your email list

Send an email to your email list

Have your next 3 months of social content done

Content Journey

Last but not least. Sales. Conversions. Retention. And reselling. In this final phase of WYW, we dive into a myriad of psychology-backed approaches to not only increase sales, but increase the life-time value of one customer.

On completion of this phase, you'll know how to move an audience from "maybe" to "I need this now", know how to speak to all the different stages of a buyer's journey (yep, truthbomb: not everyone is ready to buy), and why we believe the traditional marketing funnel is flawed (and what you should focus on instead).

Sales mastery and retention


View the outcomes from Phase 6

Bow Tie Funnel (our take on the traditional marketing funnel)

Stages of the Buyer Cycle