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The 101 on Facebook Ad Copy 

$82.00 USD

She’s the peanut butter to your jelly. The Robin to your Batman.The Nutella to your anything. The Sidekick is here to back you up as you take on your next mission: write Facebook ad copy that kicks butt.

AKA The Sidekick

AKA The Sidekick

Write words that will stop the scroll, tap into the pain points of your customers, and supercharge your conversion rate.

Demystify the world of Facebook ads, in a way you’ll understand so you can harness the power of it to catapult your brand to brand new heights.

Craft killer Facebook ad copy (even when you’re not a writer) that not only connects with your audience but will get them taking action.

With her in your sidecar, you’ll:

Got that real-world wisdom you just won’t find on Google. 

The kind of friend that will gently and subtly tell you when you have spinach stuck in your teeth. #radicalcandor

Starts the day with meditation.

Somehow makes a messy bun stylish.

Was school captain in high school.

Has read The Alchemist over a dozen times.

Star sign: Libra.


You can always count on her to deliver some sage advice and dole out a fresh perspective. What makes her so good at delivering on-target wisdom? Well, she’s got this brilliant ability to put herself in the shoes of others. She can step into any room and fully comprehend it, and the people within it.

She notices the nuances, and can see all sides to every issue. This little knack of hers? It’s what makes her the first port-of-call when you need a second opinion. Never harsh and as gentle as she is wise, The Sidekick is somewhere between your social media tour guide and enlightened BFF.

Oooh and on top of all this?! The girl is a social media WHIZ. So yep, she’s arriving with not just armfuls of Facebook Ad knowledge, but also some serious Instagram intel. 

One of the most intuitive people you’ll ever meet, The Sidekick is fully tuned into their environment at all times. 

App Install
Lead Generation
Store Traffic

Copy prompts and templates for:

Before you even open Facebook Ads Manager, we’ve got some things to chat about first. 

Preliminary steps and elements to consider

To dive into each of the Facebook Ad Manager objectives, and the type of copy you should be writing to drive action.

A 42-page fully loaded e-resource

What’s she bringing with her?

+ 5 sure-fire tips to write killer Instagram ad copy.

** BONUS **

No more overwhelm. No more WTF-ness. You know the words to Facebook Ads are important, so let’s get you laser-clear on how to leverage the power of this mighty Zuckerberg machine.

The 7 Facebook ad types, de-mystified

‘Cause when you’re talking to everyone? You’re talking to no one. The Sidekick will be right there with you as you dig into who your audience is, so you can write the words to resonate with them.

A worksheet to help you dissect your target audience


Explore the ‘why’, when to use, and the type of content you should write for each Facebook Ad objective. Segmented by:

Every Facebook ad objective, unpacked

"Awesome! I love the addition of Instagram tips. Do you know any other e-resources to boost my IG game?"

"I sure do! If you want to meet the whole IG crew, come this way!"