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The e-Commerce Email Templates

$149.00 USD

A rabbit in his hat, a dove in his sleeve, and all eyes on him. With a flourish of his wand and an “abracadabra”, The Magician will transform your product-based business emails from mundane to magical.

AKA The Magician

AKA The Magician

"I used ALL the tips! AND GUESS WHAT!! In a few hours, I’ve had 6 unique clicks to my website, and conversions!! I’ve NEVER had success from emails.”

Have your customers feeling cherished, connected, and treated like the VIPs they are.

Establish brand equity that’ll keep your customers lining up at the box office.

Land messaging that cuts through cleaner than the girl-in-the-box trick.

When you’ve got VIP access to The Magician, you’ll:

Can read his audience’s minds.

Has memorised the step-by-step formula for creating stellar customer relationships.

Psychology graduate. Postgrad. Yep, he did the whole thing.

Claims he created the bow tie marketing funnel.

Bringing capes back into fashion.

Need a handkerchief? He has 1,000 on him at all times.

Achilles heel: corn dogs.


From Sydney to San Francisco, he’s a sell-out act everywhere he goes.

How does he do it? Well, The Magician believes in doing things a little bit different. His magic goes beyond trickery, stunts, and hoaxes. Instead, he focuses on empathy and connection, the magic of impeccable communication (which no robot can replace), transforming his performances into experiences for his audience. 

And for the first time, he’s lifting the curtain on how he uses the wizardry of words to cultivate a wildly loyal and connected customer base (even when he’s performing the same show time and time again). With him as your magical mentor, you’ll soon be conjuring up emails that connect, resonate and convert your audience at never-before-seen depths.

You asked for product-based email templates worthy of a standing ovation. 

The Magician said: voilà.

The Magician is a natural born entertainer.

Just like his magician’s bag, there’s more to this digital resource than meets the eye. When you partner with him, you’ll have instant access to 33 email templates, ready to be copied, pasted, saved, and personalised for your own unique client experience. 

Sounds pretty magical, right?

33 plug and play email templates, ready for you to sprinkle your own brand magic on

What does his act entail?

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Lead generation emails that keep ‘em coming back? We’ve got just the spell for that!

Our lead gen email templates cover:

Lead Generation

Opt-in confirmation
Thank you for signing up
Who are we, anyway?
Just checking in (x 3)
Reward loyal clients

First impressions? They count. Enchant your audience from the very beginning by waving The Magician’s wand over your emails for:

Newsletter Sign Up

Order confirmation (x 2)
Shipping notification (x 3)
Delivery announcement (x 2)
Refund processed
There’s a delay
Oops! We made a mistake!

A run of order emails including:

Order Emails

Connect to your audience with:

Testimonial requests
Requests to share the social love

Let’s conjure up some brand equity with emails covering:

Brand Love

Pitch to stockists
Reach out to influencers (x 3)
When influencers approach you (and how to tell them you don’t do freebies)
Connect with like-minded brands for collaboration

Strengthen your network of connections with non-robotic, anti-boring emails templates to:


Yay! It’s your birthday! 

No hypnosis. No trickery. Just genuine audience connection. 

Show your audience that you care with emails including:

Nurturing Clients

"I love the sound of a go-to email guide, but I’m a service-based business"

"No worries! I know just the girl who can help! Hold on tight while I teleport you to her studio"