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Wordfetti’s Instagram Content Formula (for Business)

$62.00 USD

The brains behind the operation, The Mastermind is a supernova of bright ideas. Backed by a proven formula for creating content that sticks, they’ll get your IG content from here, to where you want to be.
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AKA The Mastermind

AKA The Mastermind

Invite action and more KACHINGS $$$.

Sell, without feeling pushy or "icky"

Learn how to share the behind-the-scenes and story of your brand in a way that will foster a more intimate relationship.

Build genuine connection and brand loyalty with your audience.

With the help of their strategy, you’ll:

Has done all the research on scroll-stopping IG content, so you don’t have to.

Only believes in organic connection.

Wrote the entirety of a Grammy Award-winning album. Never told anyone.

Has a practical but on trend haircut. 

Can solve a rubix cube in 7 seconds flat.

Occasionally dreams in maths equations.

Favourite food: sashimi (cause they say fish is brain good).

Driven by purpose, not accolades.


From the research lab, to the launch party of the latest hip and happening venue, The Mastermind is acrobatic in their ability to fit in seamlessly with any crowd or environment.

A deep thinker, they are always looking for the “why?”. They love a challenge, and see obstacles as puzzles to be solved and opportunities for them to put their outside-of-the-box problem-solving skills to work. 

They might be hyper-intelligent, but don’t get The Mastermind wrong - they are as unpretentious as it comes. With a sea-deep belief that knowledge is power, they are on a quest to share everything they know with you. 

They’re humble, so don’t tell them we told you so, but word on the street is that The Mastermind? They cracked the code for creating cut-through Instagram content.

The quiet achiever, The Mastermind is where thoughtful strategy meets real-world street smarts. 

What are they rolling in with?

This tried-and-tested formula is the very same one that we at Wordfetti use for our own account and our clients’ accounts. Developed over 10 months, The Mastermind hones in on our unique 9-grid content formula proven to cultivate organic audience connection.

Our never-before-shared content formula

Built on a 5-pillar framework, this digital resource is your roadmap to travelling through Instagram’s jungle. Made to fit product-based and service-based businesses, wave goodbye to content paralysis, because with The Mastermind, you’re never going to feel stuck in your tracks again.

An 8-page packed-to-the-rafters e-resource