The Digi-Product Launch Email Templates

$397.00 USD

She puts the FUN in funnel, and she’s yet to meet one she doesn’t like.

If you’ve got a digital product to market and sell, then meet the gal for the job. Why? Because she understands that before conversion? Is connection and she’s passionate about taking people on a journey to remember with a strategy that is human-centred, conversion-focused and psychology-backed.

AKA The Fun(nel) Gal

AKA The Fun(nel) Gal

7 additional launch email journeys (from webinar show up, opt-in newsletter, freebie to pre-launch, what happens when they buy and don't buy, to downsell).

our signature hero 9-part launch funnel email sequence written for the launch of a digital offering (e.g. online course).

With The Fun(nel) Gal, you'll have:

Would have made an excellent Bachelorette but prefers to be behind the scenes

Has never killed a houseplant

Knows the dinner conversation is just as important as the first impression

Loves the journey as much as the destination

Her 9-part hero launch funnel sequence dives into everything from Doors open, Why this, Objection handling, What makes XYZ different, Future Pace, FAQ to new Payment Plan.


One talented cookie, not only does she know how to productise her knowledge into an online offering, but she takes the microscope to understand her audience inside out, meaning she sells effortlessly, effectively and with authenticity.

With a little click of her heels and ‘Becky-B’ glow to her locks, she’s one gal powerhouse of email templates (and serious wisdom). But one thing for sure? She keeps things clear, succinct, and memorable.

Meaning you can copy, paste, and add your own sparkle to any of her email templates. 

The Fun(nel) Gal knows how to launch authentically, nurture and convert.

Sneak Peek

Bye bye "what the heck do I say and write" and hello to launching with confidence.

With our signature 9-part launch email funnel sequence (btw, we charge a min. of $7-8K per launch email sequence!) and over 63+ pages of email templates all written with a digital offer in mind - 

In additional to our signature 9-part launch funnel email template? Are seven (7) separate email journeys to cover all digital product bases.

What's in her backpack?

Our signature 9-Part Launch Email Sequence
Opt-in (Freebie)
Opt-in (Newsletter)
Webinar Sequence (BONUS)
When they buy
When they don’t buy
Pre-launch Emails (BONUS)
Downsell Emails (BONUS)