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The Sales Page Formula

$197.00 USD

Got something to sell? He’s the guy for you. 

With his charismatic smile and wit, he could sell ice to the Inuit people (without any of the sleaze or ick). True to his name though, Charming puts the heart back in sales with that human touch.

In fact, he’ll transform your sales pages from ghost town and tumbleweeds to enquiries and makin’ bank. 

Warning: you may or may not (you will) end up falling in love with him.

AKA Prince Charming

AKA Prince Charming

This template is included as a BONUS in our signature copywriting and psychology course, Wordfetti Your Words.

Wordfetti Your Words is a repeatable system underpinned by psychology designed to help you nail your messaging, find your voice, and write stand-out copy that converts (without the ick) in 12 weeks.

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A solid understanding of what makes seriously great sales copy with none of the icky hard sell.

A step-by-step breakdown (with templates) to writing killer sales pages for every single product you launch (or perfect to hand over to)

A clear and concise 10-part sales page formula and bible that you can come back to, time and time again, geared for conversion through humanised connection.

With Prince Charming, you’ll have:

Charming has his finger on the pulse of all things sales and is deeply passionate about human psychology (seriously don’t get him started)

Knows that before conversion, there must be connection.

Automatically rolls his eyes at classic ‘bro marketing’ tactics and schemes (ew, vom)

Never met a problem he couldn’t solve.

Will always call you back, maybe even trawl an entire village for you.
Might have a foot fetish.


With a twinkle in his eye, an authentic smile and a smidge of a major in consumer psychology, he’s the total package. 

What’s the secret to his magical powers of conversion? Puppies! Just kidding. 

The Sales Page Formula is crafted using our very own secret Fetti recipe of psychology + sales + human connection = $$$. [Well, there are a few extra secret herbs and spices in there but Prince Charming keeps that locked behind his paywall (that guy’s always workin’)].

But the wizardry in his ways? It’s not smoke and mirrors, there’s no snake oil in sight. Charming knows real conversions are achieved through real meaningful connections, real problems getting solved and he can help you tie it all together to get your customers clicking ”add to cart” and “buy now” quicker than you can say “IT’S MY GLASS SLIPPER!”

You told us you wanted sales pages with zing. You told us you ain’t got no time to do a whole heckin’ course about a sales page (we hear ya). You said ‘we need a formula’.

Bippidy Boopidy Boop.

Here you are. Call us Fetti Godmother.

Prince Charming is a born salesman.

He’ll get deep and meaningful to break down why each step means so much and how to freakin’ slay it.

He’ll not only give you the steps to the formula

And conversion worthy because the way you present your message? It matters too.

A visual breakdown of how the sales page can look so heckin’ enticing

To go along with each section of the formula all aimed at optimum conversion with absolutely zero ick or pushy sell.

Science and psychology-backed templates

Starting at headlines that stop you in your tracks and culminating in a love letter. (How very charming)

A 10-step proprietary formula for writing killer sales pages

What's in his briefcase?