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Crisis Communications Care Pack


$29.00 USD (On special)

She knows that life’s lemons make delicious lemonade, every curveball is an opportunity to knock it out of the park, and challenges are an opportunity to learn. Enter: The Lifesaver, the breath of practical optimism we all need when things go belly-up.

AKA The Lifesaver

AKA The Lifesaver

Step away from the overwhelm, and into proactive problem-solving.

Write emails that connect with your audience when things take a turn for the unexpected.

Learn how to say the hard thing in the empathetic way. Because transparency matters.

With her watching over you, you’ll:

Will never judge you. 

Wise beyond her years. 

Top-tier public speaker.

Somehow always has everything you could ever need in her backpack (seriously - we mean it).

Always answers her phone.

Won’t ever forget your birthday.

Can’t have caffeine after 12pm.


The Lifesaver was born out of the avalanche of emails we received from our clients over the COVID-19 chapter, asking for help on what to say in trying times.

This member of the group? She’s sensitive, responsible, and warm. She has this very special way of delivering challenging news, wrapped up in a big, cosy hug.

When the unexpected happens, sometimes you need someone who is willing to get in, get their hands dirty, and help you handle the practicalities.

The Lifesaver? She is that someone.

She’s 50% decisive action, 50% empathy, a big glug of reality, and a just-right infusion of optimism. The Lifesaver’s number one job? To help you handle your crisis communications with smooth sailing.

Get access to attainable communication solutions that will keep you and your clients happy, and keep transparency at the forefront of your biz.

Strategies to communicate your message through each of these scenarios

You’re shifting online
Introducing changes
Wanting to check in
Your client wants a refund
Your client asks to reschedule
You need to cancel
You have to discuss delays

Covering what to say, and how to say it, when:

7 plug and play email templates ready for you to personalise 

What’s in her emergency go bag?

'I noticed that you were inspired by the COVID-19 period. Does that mean you’re only useful for COVID-19-related communications?"

"I’m so glad you asked! No - my communication skills set me up to handle external crisis situations.

However, to support our community (that’s you!) through the COVID-19 time, I’ll be on sale indefinitely"