To the business owner drowning in half-finished Google Docs and wishy-washy messaging…

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So you can zig while others zag, stand out in your industry, and make sales whenever the heck you want.

Get crystal clear on your messaging, own your brand voice, and write memorable copy in 12 weeks ―

How does WYW work?


There are 3 parts that make up the Wordfetti Your Words (WYW) online experience.

It is part pre-recorded modules you can consume in your own pace (total of 14 hours, and you get lifetime access), part live group mentoring calls + feedback sessions (a total of 12 live coaching calls) and part community.

Here is how it works:

They are approximately 8-20 minutes each per lesson. And you have lifetime access to these. Kind of see these lessons as pick your own adventure. (e.g. If you're about to excavate your story? Dive into that lesson. If you're feeling some mindset gremlins pop up? Dive into that lesson) 

We have a Schedule of Outcomes you can tick-off one by one, with exercises and funwork for you to complete, each designed to give you a WIN.

Where you're stuck or unsure, join us in the live coaching calls and this is where you'll learn how to implement this in action, and be able to ask me questions to get personalised solutions.

Can't make it live? We'll have replays uploaded to the portal after each call.

Who is WYW for?

Great question! WYW has been primarily designed for 3 key audiences: 

1. Those that are about to launch their biz: and want to get it right. 
2. Those that are a few things in the biz game: but realise that they do not yet have a solid brand foundation (e.g. voice, message, words) to be able to propel their business.
3. Copywriters and marketers (incl those that work in-house for a brand): who want to increase their ability to earn, or deliver better results for their organisation, or for their clients. 

One of the biggest elements (based on what our alumni have told us) truly sets WYW apart is the fact it is not only a "copywriting and psychology course" but it helps you really get clarity, of who you are, and be able to communicate the value of what you do in a way that is DIFFERENT. 

What's the time investment?

The hero curriculum in WYW is a total 14 hours (6 phases).

We suggest you to set aside 2 hours a week over 12 weeks to complete WYW. That’s roughly two and a half episodes of Virgin River.

What will I walk away with after completing WYW?

By the end of WYW, you'll walk away with:

  • (Week 1-2) Uncovering the problem you solve for your audience, what you’re actually selling (hint: it's not just your product or service) and knowing EXACTLY how to communicate it in a way that sticks.
  • (Week 3-6) Your Brand DNA: a centralised document that contains your brand voice,  your message,  your audience's words and buying behaviours, so you can come back to it each time you write copy or create content.
  • (Week 7-9) Your Website: applying your Brand DNA onto your website, actually writing it, and getting it conversion ready to launch out into the universe (or relaunch) 
  • (Week 10-12) Your content marketing system: from social media, to email marketing, our final stop will be diving into how we can amplify your message and drive more traffic to your website, through your content. 

How much does it cost?

There will be two payment options:

  • You can join WYW on a payment plan (6x monthly payments of $475 USD); or
  • Pay $2,497 USD upfront and save.

Still got questions? 

We've got you! Send us through an email at

— Sachi, The CRNA Club

Wordfetti exceeded my expectations. When I joined I had nothing. Not a website. Zero. I didn't even have social media or an email list at all. Just a digital course outline on what I was "thinking" of covering. Fast forward 12-weeks to now? I launched my website. I have a podcast! I launched on social media, wrote some blogs and have an email list now.

The week I launched my website and started collecting leads, within the first week I almost had 100 leads! WYW has FOR SURE helped me do that. And since then, I’ve gotten a lot more DMs, more email responses and just better feedback that I’m connecting with my audience.

If I hadn’t done WYW I would have a TOTALLY different brand. I don't think I would have been as excited either, or have loved as much. The brand and the copy I have now reflects who I am and allows my business to be different and not be stuffy, especially in a professional medical niche.

"I launched my website through WYW, and within the 1st week, I had almost had 100 leads!"

word on the street

Not only has our Google ranking gone up when people search us, but our conversion rate has gone up by 80%!!! Yes. You read right. We are now attracting our ideal clients and the consistent feedback when talking to new leads is that the website 100% resonated with what they wanted and how they wanted to work with a consulting firm. Not only that but it stood out from the crowd!! I am so freaking grateful for this community and for the amazing WYW course!!!

"Our conversion rate has gone up by 80%!!!"


— Miranda, earth Energies Australia

The biggest impact through WYW has definitely been creating the Brand DNA. I love that thing. Going through it has given me so much clarity. And everything now flows from that.

If It wasn't for WYW, I’d be still struggling, trying to figure out what's wrong, writing something over and over again, and taking hours, trying to make anything sound good. Now I don't look at other people's websites to validate what I'm writing. I feel like I can do it myself and more confidently. 

Through WYW, I keep referring back to my Brand DNA, taking words from it, and when I just let it flow, it's so much better than what I could write before. So that's really good. I love that. I really love that. Because there is a bit of competition.The fact that I can make it sound more exciting or more compelling to understand my customer makes me more excited for people to look at it and for it to convert.

"Now I don't look at other people's websites to validate what I'm writing. I feel like I can do it myself and more confidently"


More words from the WYW Alumni

— anna, anna turner weddings

"If only I could give Anita and Wordfetti 10 stars.

Before WYW I was totally lost when it came to copy. I dreaded writing it and would procrastinate for days. Being highly visual and not all that literal I had no natural instinct around what to share, how to share it and when to share it.

After completing WYW I actually ENJOY writing copy (NEVER thought I would hear myself say that). Every aspect of WYW was excellent. The customer journey, the content, the structure, the delivery.

I would recommend WYW to literally every entrepreneur on the planet. I cannot recommend Wordfetti, Anita or WYW highly enough."

"I would recommend WYW to literally every entrepreneur on the planet."

play anna's voice note

— emily, hr consultant

I found Wordfetti on instagram and I signed up for their flagship course "Wordfetti your words" as I needed help copywriting for our new website. Anita Siek is an absolute gun, the course was amazeballs.

Exceeding my expectations in so many ways. The way Anita teaches you how to write killer copy is next level. Not only does she make it fun, interesting and easy to apply. All of her strategies and tools actually work. We went from 6 leads a month, to 64 leads in a month in 3 months. I could not recommend this course and Anita enough. If you are feeling stuck and need to up-level your copy to drive sales then this is the course for you!

Thank you so much Anita, I am so excited to watch the leads roll in after implementing all I have learnt!

My new copywriting and branding has transformed our website into a lead magnet machine!

"We went from 6 leads a month, to 64 leads in a month in 3 months."

— Lorraine, brand designer

I have been following Wordfetti for a while now, and I really resonated with Anita's journey, I too am working in the corporate world, and side hustling while I prepared to make the leap to the big exciting world of small business life! 🎉

So I was BEYOND excited when I saw the Wordfetti Your Words program, it was exactly what I needed, and honestly was the best online learning program I have done to date! Firstly I completed it, actually finished every lesson, and walked away from each lesson with fantastic feedback and tangible strategies for my business and most importantly .. had an absolute BLAST!

Secondly, being part of a community of like minded businesses that are supportive, great humans who empower each other is an absolute godsend!

So thank you to Anita and the Wordfetti team you guys hit the ball out the park with this one! And I highly recommend this program to business owners who want to take their business to the next level! 🌟

"Honestly, WYW was the best online learning program I have done to date!"

— Megan, Copywriter and content strategist

"WYW has been an absolute game changer for my business.

As a copywriter, I wanted to learn how I could get inside my audience's (and their audience’s) minds - Anita did not disappoint.

Now? I'm well on my way to becoming an evil genius - word edition.

Since graduating WYW, I’ve tripled my revenue, signature offer, booked my services months in advance, and feel stronger than ever about what makes me so damn special.

As a serial course junkie, Wordfetti Your Words has probably been the BEST one yet."

"Since graduating WYW, I’ve tripled my revenue, signature offer, booked my services months in advance"

— AMY, Nutrition Coach 

“I started my business just over a year ago, and although I thought I knew what I wanted to say, I’d always have trouble articulating it without sounding like a robot. Enter Wordfetti Your Words. The course included everything I needed to be able to speak as my brand - including identifying *exactly* what my audience needs to hear, how to ask for testimonials and feedback form clients without sounding needy, using different tones of voice for different situations and niching down to who my core audience is.

I’ve gone from struggling to know how to write website copy, emails, social media captions and ebooks, to having it all flow so effortlessly. It no longer feels like a chore, and I actually find joy in writing for my brand now, which I didn’t even know was possible! I absolutely 100% recommend the course to any business owner or entrepreneur who struggles to find the words for their brand. I can guarantee that with the ongoing support of the amazing Anita & her team, you’ll find clarity, direction and dare I say delight, in writing your own copy."

"I’ve gone from struggling to know how to write website copy, emails, social media captions and ebooks, to having it all flow so effortlessly."

"Through Anita's guidance and insights the pressure of having to not only run a business but grow and expand the brand too, was eased. The WYW program teaches how to build a strong, cohesive brand strategy as a platform to grow upon, bringing to life content creation and cementing in place your business values and DNA.

One of the most powerful parts of the program for me was collaborating with other entrepreneurs on the course. Through zoom sessions with our group, the support, feedback and discussion with like minded people blew me away. Not only did it bring together people from all over the world but it connected people in a way that will continue long after the last module.

I truly wish I had the WYW knowledge 5 years ago when Alongside first started, not only for the epic content and teachings, but for the community and connections I've made that I know will be there to support every step I take in business (and life) for years to come. Anita and the team create magic with this course, instilling confidence and creativity, and plenty of fun too."

"I truly wish I had the WYW knowledge 5 years ago when Alongside first started"

— paige, PR Strategist