You have all the ideas, but none of the words. The salesy posts from other brands feel like a fish slap to the face. You know what you’re offering is special, but you don’t want to show up and share content that feel like one of those brands – you know what I'm talkin' about. 

You are throwing spaghetti on the wall. You don't have a plan (that works). And sometimes? You feel like you’re creating content just for content’s sake. But you don’t want to “just wing it” anymore. You're ready to build a superfan community through your content. And you're ready for the content you put out there to finally pay off. 

You are sick of seeing the same-same content on Instagram. But your motivation tank is running low. You’re running out of fresh ideas and keep gravitating back to the same themes (even though you’ve already been there, done that, got the t-shirt and sent the postcard).

You dream of having more hours back in your day. But right now? That feels like a dream. You’re overwhelmed, juggling a million plates at once and writing captions and content planning? It's not fun, and it's time sucking you away from the things you really enjoy in your biz. 

Having landed on this page, I feel like I already know you...

You don’t want to invest in another course or program about Instagram. (Cause let's be honest, that will prob just add to the overwhelm!)

You don't want to opt in to another freebie or  masterclass or $29 product that gives you more overwhelm, more question marks and more information.

You want ease.
You want momentum.
You want results.

Bottom line?

How do we know this? Because you told us. We asked: “What’s your biggest hazard cone when it comes to writing killer captions?!” and you said: 

"How do I sell without sounding salesy? I am runnin' out of content ideas, and don't want to always be making this about me and talk about our product/service! "

"I don't want to add to the digital noise. I want to write content that's not same-same,  be catchy, while remaining authentic to who we are."

"When I'm in the mood to write, it flows, but when I'm not, I just disappear off the face of the earth!"

Imagine if someone with a background in consumer psychology and copywriting created caption templates, and content prompts that you knew wasn't just #BTS and #TipTuesday and are geared for not just attention, but connection and results?

Well. Imagine no more.

But as a business on Instagram, how the heck do you write captions that not only "stops the scroll" but will attract your DREAM audience, nurture them, invite deep conversation, whilst also selling without sounding salesy? 

(did you just grow more white hairs reading that? lolol)

Because if you're a business on Instagram?

It's not just about attention and reach. 

It's about strategically translating that attention to trust, connection and CONVERSIONS., through what you're consistently putting out there, in terms of content. 

And hey, you're a smart cookie. You know Instagram isn't here to replace relationships. It's here to strengthen them.




A caption and content club for biz owners who have less than 5 mins a day to plan and post their captions. 


With 12 months of caption templates, content prompts, monthly QA teaching sessions and access to our vault of mini courses and proprietary formulas for caption writing - Captionfetti is created with one goal and one goal only: equip you with everything you need (and nothing you don't) to write high conversion-driving captions.

Don't wanna sound like everybody else? We hear ya. Strategically written to thought provoke and invite you to think differently, our templates trigger bursts of creative motivation by inviting you to inject in your story (cause let's be honest, that's your biggest monopoly). No more generic #BTS and #TipTuesday prompts or captions.

non-traditional caption templates 

Anyone can create caption templates. But not everyone can say their caption templates are underpinned by a tried-and-tested content formula that is underpinned by consumer psychology strategically designed to help you do more with less. You can refer to this content formula time and time again  for not just your captions, but also your EDMs, to blog posts.

A system to know exactly what to say 

Say sayonara and bye-bye to those feelings of feeling lost in the sauce. Every month, you’ll get an uber clear action plan for your content. With your monthly dose of caption templates, and prompts, you'll have everything you need to show up strategically and consistently to your audience on the gram. 


highlights of

How does an extra 4 hours a week sound?! This? Was how many hours YOU told us y'all take to caption and content plan for the week. With Captionfetti, not only will you get your Insta content growth kit delivered every month, but you’ll also know be able to turn that caption into 10 other pieces of content (e.g. emails!). Whatcha gonna do with those extra 4 hours?

Time creator and overwhelm eliminator

Save the dough you've saved on the usual 5-figure price tag to have us write your Instagram captions for the year. And let us help you create deeper connection and powerful conversations with your audience and show you how you can make more money with your content. Cause words? They don’t cost a t h i n g.

more connection
More ka-chings 

As a Captionfetti fam member, you'll get an exclusive secret link to submit any questions to your heart's desires about Instagram captions, and content planning on the gram to Anita. Who will pick 1-3 questions every month and create a pre-recorded QA sesh on for you to listen to and rewatch anytime.

monthly qa sessions with anita

Romy Louise Candles

"Literally the first post I made on my socials using one of the templates, the orders started sliding in. I hadn't posted for 3 months before that because I lacked confidence and motivation. Knowing I have a bible of go-to's have truly helped take a load off so I can concentrate on what I do best." 

Nicky McGrath

"Anita. I just realised that I've reached +76.9% more accounts (comparing quarters) since starting Captionfetti-ing my content. DAMN. WTF this is epic. I'm also onboarding 4 new clients in my biz and I don't think this is a coincidence. THANK YOU."

Emily Jaksch

"My post did 85% better than all previous posts! 419 likes, over 100 comments and 2 shares! Anita, thank you thank you thank you #win"

Homely Creatures

"These templates have literally taken the words out of our mouth that we couldn't get out! We can now smash out 9 days content easily for 2 businesses AND our engagement has increased. Winner winner chicken dinner" 

Scented Drops

"I used one of your caption templates today and sure enough the comments have been amazing! Posting something that sparks conversation with my audience has truly made my day! Thank you Anita." 

Edge Elements 

"You might not know, but you helped me so much in my business... thank you for making it easier to write captions." 

kind words

Please note: Captionfetti is not a subscription or a "cancel at anytime membership". Captionfetti is a content and caption club and your investment will grant you access to 12 months of captions, content prompts, and access to our monthly QA session recordings and replay vault. If you choose to opt-in for the payment plan, please understand that you are opting in for 12 monthly payments.

Start now with $39

12 monthly payments of


Upfront please!

Upfront yearly payment of

save and pay upfront

Your investment:

unlock exclusive bonuses now!

(Approx $535 AUD) per year

$390 USD

(Approx $52 AUD) per month

$39 USD

Get ready to tick off caption writing and content planning for the gram for the next 12 months.

Cause with a consistent monthly drop of your caption templates and content prompts for the month, you'll have everything you need to post a caption to your audience in less than 5 minutes a day.

12 months of caption templates and content prompts

Here is exactly what you get by joining us for 12 months in Captionfetti...

Submit any questions to your heart's desire about Instagram captions, content planning on the gram through your exclusive Captionfetti link to yours truly. And every month?

We'll pick 1-3 questions from our Captionfetti fam and do a personalised pre-recorded teaching sesh for you to watch and rewatch in your own time. 

Monthly QA Power-Up Sessions

We're not just all templates with zilch strategy. So along with 12 months of captions and content prompts delivered to you, you will also get access to The Caption Formula Workshop (Value: $67) as well as access to Captions that Sell (Value: $497), our 4-part audio experience that dives deeper into copy formulas and strategies related to all other wordy elements of your gram. From what to write in your Bio, to how to uncover your hashtags. 

Access to our bonus vault of caption resources

It wouldn't be much of a surprise if we just shared it right?! But as a bit of a hint, throughout the year, we'll be sprinklin' ad hoc events and surprises here and there for our Captionfetti fam.

From ad hoc bonus content ideation calls to surprise caption packs, you'll be in for a ride with us for the next 12 months! 

... and adhoc  surprises throughout the year 

Ya huh. You read right. For a limited time, as a bonus, you'll also get Captions that Sell

Ya huh. You read right. For a limited time, as a bonus, you'll also get Captions that Sell

Bite-sized learning include:
- Content Pillars
- How to Turn Fans to Superfans
- Audit Yo' Instagram
- Instagram Bio Strategy
- Instagram Caption Strategy
- Content Loops
- Hashtag Strategy
- How to Sell Without Sounding Salesy
- How to Not Create "Same-Same" Content
- DM and Voice Note Strategy
- The 3 Most Highly Engaged Types of Captions

A 30-page Workbook filled with prompts and templates. 

Results-driven and designed to turn your Instagram from simply attention-grabbing to conversion-driving. It's not theory, 'cause #letsbehonest, you know how to use Instagram. This program instead is niched to the words, content, and captions you have on your Instagram. Because Instagram without words is just an attention-grab.

A 4-phased audio program broken down into 4 key phases: Your Content Ecosystem, Insta Content Mastery, Catapult your Captions and Make Ca$hola on Insta. Each phase features bite-sized actionable lessons of an average of 10-25 minutes. 

Captions That Sell is an interactive 4-part audio experience that works like a hybrid between a workshop and me as an over-the-shoulder mentor where I give you the exact system I use to craft captions that not only grew and scaled Wordfetti as a brand but resulted in over 70% of our leads coming from the land of Insta.

(value of $497)

Join Captionfetti now and for a limited time?
You'll also unlock access to...

Take a listen to this voice note we received from a Captionfetti member

— Jen, founder of pink pom pom social

"Thank you thank you for Captionfetti. It's saving my life. Honestly, I was so stuck on stuff to post and I'm just looking at the 2nd month and it's SO good. I just love it. I just had to tell you. Thank you." 

"I was so stuck on stuff to post. Captionfetti is saving my life!" 

Play jen's voice note

12 months of caption, content planning done for you, and monthly QA teaching sessions.

A ticket to our uber popular Caption Formula Workshop (pre-recorded) which contains a go-to system to know EXACTLY what to say and a workbook which on completion will house your bank of content ideas (Value: $67)

Wordfetti's Instagram Content Formula (Value: $62)

Access to ad/hoc surprises and live sessions dedicated to captions and content ideation for the gram. (Value: $397) 

12 months of caption templates and content prompts (Value: $597)

Monthly pre-recorded QA sessions and access to our QA vault (Value $497)

Captions that Sell, our 4-part audio experience filled with bite-sized audio lessons to help you uplevel your captions on the gram (Value: $497)

Please note: Captionfetti is not a subscription or a "cancel at anytime membership". Captionfetti is a content and caption club and your investment will grant you access to 12 months of captions, content prompts, and access to our monthly QA session recordings and replay vault. If you choose to opt-in for the payment plan, please understand that you are opting in for 12 monthly payments.

Start now with $39

12 monthly payments of


Upfront please!

Upfront yearly payment of 

save and pay upfront

Your investment:

join our secret club today!

(Approx $535 AUD) per year

$390 USD

(Approx $52 AUD) per month

$39 USD

“I want to write a caption that doesn't sound same-same, is catchy, wow's and will keep my audience wanting to learn more!"

“I struggle with consistency. I am so overwhelmed and legit only have 5-10 mins a day."

"When I have that ZING motivation ideas are flowing, when I don't, nothin'" 

"How do I sell, without sounding salesy?" 

Every day, I get DMs. Emails. And I hear things like this, from extraordinary humans just like you:

Lawyer turned Copywriter, Brand Strategist and Soy Mocha Aficionado 

With a background in psychology, and a big love for the emotion and idea-triggering power of language and linguistics, I help online biz owners, like you, catapult their biz into the stand out success-o-sphere through the power of words. 

Over the last 4 years I've built national and global brands, as well as my business Wordfetti purely through the power of words. In fact, for the first 3 years of our business? We spent $0 on ads. And $250 on a website.

The platform that has attributed to ver 75% of our leads?  Instagram.

Hi, I’m Anita.

So instead of holding onto it, I am enveloping everything we practice for our own brand as well as our client's brands and have leaned on as boutique copywriting agency, and giving it ALL to you, and creating a tool where you'll be able to FINALLY tick off 12 months of caption writing, and content planning off in the one go.

Captionfetti isn't another course or another program.
It isn't another e-book.
It isn't a membership.
It is the complete opposite, because it is literally designed for those who only have 5 mins to plan and post their caption. 

What do I actually get? 


Captionfetti is a content and caption club, and there are 3 things that build on the experience.

First part? 12 months of captions and content prompts. Second part? Ongoing support in the realm of caption and content planning for Instagram, where every month Anita will record a pre-recorded QA teaching sesh to answer all the questions the Captionfetti community has. Third part? The bonuses hand-selected to propel your caption game. At current, the bonuses include Captions that Sell (Value: $497), and The Caption Formula Workshop (Value: $67), selected to equip you with the strategy and system to know EXACTLY what to say and share to your audience to not only grab attention, but convert. it also provides you an over-the-shoulder look into our repurposing strategy (how we turn 1 caption into 10 pieces of content), a simple 15 minute fast thinking exercise as to how you can generate pages of content ideas tailored to your biz, and formulas and templates for your Bio, and Hashtags. 

So you could say it's part strategy, part implementation and part accountability!

How is this different to other Instagram templates and prompts? 

Great question! Firstly? This won’t be one of those workshops where you sit back, take a couple notes, and shove them in your digital drawer. Nuh-uh. 

In this workshop, I’m going to get you to roll up your sleeves and take action with me! I’ll be getting you to write 2-3 captions LIVE in the workshop that you can post immediately to start connecting with your audience. And I’ll also walk you through my brainstorming process so you’ll leave with a whole heap of content ideas you can implement straight away. (Note: bring lots of paper)

But most importantly? The framework I’m teaching is designed to give you a system you can adapt to your voice and your business. You won’t just know WHAT to say, but HOW to say it in a way that’ll create loyal advocates for your brand and ultimately create more ka- ching! 

I'm in Wordfetti Your Words (WYW), your signature course, is there a difference? 

A big difference. In fact it's completely different!

WYW is our signature learning experience and dives deep into all things consumer psychology, design-thinking and words (the 3 elements that make up our approach). It steps you through how to think, write and convert like a copywriter (even if you're a non-writer). And you ultimately walk away with your Brand DNA: who you are, what you do, why what you do and how you do it is different, customer empathy maps, your brand voice, and more. You also gain access to live bonus group mentoring calls throughout the year too where you can upskill in the realm of sales psychology and copywriting. 

Captionfetti on the other hand niches in content and predominately Instagram captions only. It has been designed for those who struggle when it comes to content, writing it, planning it, and those have less than 5-10 minutes a day to plan and post on their Instagram. On joining Captionfetti, you will be equipped with 12 months of caption templates, content prompts, and monthly QA videos where Anita answers your questions about captions and content. 

The both in a way work hand in hand. As you need content to uplevel your visibility and awareness, but need to also understand consumer psychology and the journey to convert not just on captions, but through all other touch point of your brand: such as your website, and sales calls. 

Does the framework in The Caption Formula Workshop apply to other content channels?

Ya huh.

The Wordfetti content formula covered in the Caption Formula Workshop (where I'd suggest you start) is repeatable across a myriad of content channels such as email marketing, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. However the session itself will be niched to Instagram content in particular. 

Who is Captionfetti for? 

Those who are time poor when it comes to caption writing (and only have 5 minutes a day to plan and post a caption), and those who want to be strategic with what they say. 

The caption templates and prompts themselves are suitable for online businesses who want to be more human-centric with their content, whose audiences are also on Instagram. Whether you're a business coach, fellow creative, copywriter, designer, e-commerce brand or a content writer working as part of a brand, this is for you if you want results and accountability instead of more overwhelm and information.

What happens after the 12 months?

Your investment unlocks access to the mini programs and resources, as well as 12 months of caption templates, prompts and monthly QA's for 12 months. At month 11, you will be notified around a month prior should you wish to not continue. Otherwise, to ensure you do not lose access, you will be rebilled at the grandfathered rate you signed up on through Captionfetti.